Welcome to our NEW Afternoon Tea Party Blog!

Posted by Michelle Leising on

Everyone says "If you have a business, you need a blog"!

But we were stumped...what in the world could we blog about? We don't consider ourselves "experts" in anything. My sister and I are simply wives and mothers attempting to balance work, home and family, while trying to figure out how to slow down and embrace the day-to-day moments with our children as they grow up WAY TOO FAST.

We discussed the possibility of a blog while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of blueberry green tea in one of my sister's beautiful teapots. It's something we love to do, yet, can't seem to get much time to do it. Well, without interruption from one of our children needing a band-aid or telling on someone who isn't behaving quite right, or the dreaded 'Mom, I need you in the bathroom' call. 

It was at the dining room table that afternoon that an idea began to form. We love planning afternoon tea parties, and going to lovely tea rooms, with their pretty teapots and teacups and delicious recipes, HOWEVER, there is more to an afternoon tea party than the tea and scones. It is the conversation among friends around the tea table that brings the most joy. The exchange of ideas and advice about all areas of life, and the laughter-filled stories of things that are funny now...but weren't so funny then.

So, THAT, our dear tea loving friends, is what we will blog about - inspiring ideas centered around the love of tea, and the conversations that unfold around the afternoon tea party table.

We are still trying to decide on a clever blog name - maybe afternoon tea tales, tea talk, or tea table tidings, but for right now, let's just call it The Twiggery Blog...and we will see where the conversation leads.  

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