6 Simple Steps to Create A Spectacular Christmas Tablescape

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Early in my career I was fortunate to work with a group of very gifted designers who specialized in creating masterpieces for catalog shoots. I was always amazed at the beauty of these displays upon walking into the room and wondered how they did it. Watching them, I learned that creating a breathtaking display was really very simple by following a few basic steps.


As we are in the midst of Christmas Parties and preparing for family gatherings, may these simple steps inspire you to create a most memorable tablescape.


1. Layers of Table Linens

Begin with table linens, and layer with table runners or table toppers to transform the most basic table instantly into a luxurious and inviting holiday table.


2. Shine

Use silver or gold candlesticks, bowls, and serving dishes to immediately wow guests. Our eyes are automatically drawn to glimmer and shine. Think outside the box - even silver vases or sparkling crystal lined with dollies or elegant linens can be used to display party food.


3. Lighting

Add the glow of flickering candlelight and twinkle lights to create a magical holiday mood. There are so many options now with tiny battery operated lights and tea lights that a little "glow" can be added anywhere among the food and tablescape.


4. Add A Secret Ingredient - Fresh Fruit!

Bowls filled with a fresh fruit - clove infused oranges, lemons, strawberries, and especially grapes appeal to the senses of health and happiness. Position grapes to look as if abundantly flowing over the edges of plates and bowls for a super easy dramatic look.


5. Draw the Eye

Use serving pieces and candlesticks in a variety of heights to draw the eye. You can even place bowls on their sides abundantly flowing out with crackers, cheese straws or grapes directly to the table level.


6. Go Outdoors

Gather what nature has provided for fresh greenery in your tablescapes. Grab your shears and go around your yard, or your neighbors yard, with permission of course, and see what evergreens are available. Boxwoods, Cedar, pinecones, acorns, and nuts can all be used to create a lush natural and inviting landscape among holiday fare.


Well, that was simple and fun. Now, just add your holiday food and you’re on your way to create a most memorable Christmas party, your guests will always remember.

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