Classic Pannier Bicycle Basket

  • $89.95

Yippee - these charming bike baskets are back in stock!

Enjoy bicycling to work or the farmer's market! This charming Pannier Bicycle Basket enables you to carry things on your bike with ease. By adding one or two of these bike baskets to the existing rear rack of your bike, you are ready to enjoy a trip to AND FROM the farmer's market loaded with fresh baked breads and bouquets of flowers. The easy-to-use pannier basket has two metal hooks which easily attach to the your rear bike rack and it also has a carrying handle so you can bring your favorite finds inside, too!

"Pannier" is derived from the Old French word meaning "bread basket" and usually refers to a "set" of baskets - one on each side.  Our Pannier baskets are sold individually so you can use one for your bike, if you feel comfortable, or buy two for a matching pair. These bike baskets are made from the highest quality natural lacak rattan which are known for durability to stand the test of daily use. One Pannier Basket measures 13" l x 9.5" w x 13" h and has a maximum limit of 15 pounds (or the weight limit of your rear bike rack). Happy riding!