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We love tea parties so much, we made it
our business to help you with yours.

"Little Ideas that Tickle and Nag and Refuse to go away, should Never be Ignored, for in them lie the Seeds of Destiny"
- Farmer Hoggett

Michelle and her sister, Robyn
Michelle and her Sister, Robyn

In 1998, while working for a Christian T-shirt Company my boss handed out a flyer with this simple inspiring thought. I kept it on my bulletin board to serve as a reminder of my dream to own my own business. Later, when I moved and started a new job one of the first things I put up was the flyer (somewhat crinkled by now).

My sister Robyn (who also has the entrepreneurial spirit) and I decided that we should stop talking about what we wanted to do and go for it or we would always wonder "what if". We have both gotten married since then and through a series of trial and error we found our passion - mine is my online store "The Twiggery" which I run from my home office in Columbus, GA offering beautiful and meaningful gifts, decor and tea party themed merchandise.

Our core value at "The Twiggery" is respect for each person by striving to offer reliable personal service, timely communication, beautiful products and information, and by remembering that each order has a "story" behind it. We value our customers and try to ensure that their experience with us is positive. We aren't always perfect - but we keep walking steadily towards the goal.

Robyn opened "You Take The Cake and Cookies Too" in Berryville, AR where she bakes and creates incredibly delicious cakes and wonderful hand iced sugar cookies in all shapes and sizes. Once we perfect the shipping process for her sugar cookies, they will be offered at The Twiggery.

I still have that printed inspirational thought given to me so many years ago (torn and wrinkled) - it hangs on the wall in my home office.

Thank you for visiting The Twiggery and taking time to get aquatinted with us.

Warm Regards,
Michelle Leising, owner
The Twiggery